Sisters Academy is on Right now at Fremtidslinjen STU

We are full on at Fremtidslinjen STU. Fremtidslinjen is a 3-year education for young people with special needs, also called a STU. The students on Fremtidslinjen are young people with general learning difficulties, ADHD and Autism. On top of that many of the students also have complicated diagnoses such as Borderline, OCD and schizophrenia. The purpose of a STU is to give the students general education and a skill enhancement they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. In addition to that the students have to gain knowledge of worklife, so they are able go on to a work or further education afterwards. A STU has to be organised so it fits the individual student, not the other way around. This is the first time ever that we manifest at a school for particular sensitive students and the first time ever the students and teachers of the school is part of our pre-production week. One of the aims of the school when inviting us to manifest Sisters Academy here was to evoke a sense of the sensitive world of the students in the staff of the school.
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