Sisters Academy #2 Greenland, PSi #21 – Fluid States

Sisters Academy #2 unfolded in Greenland, June 2015 as part of PSi #21 – Fluid States. In itself a deconstructed or rather fluid conference allowing the whole world to be in motion. While we exploring new modes of sensuous learning we also connected telematically to the two other North Atlantic platforms in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Thorshavn (The Faroe Islands) – Exploring closeness even though we are at a distance.

Below our reflections upon departure.

A Greenlandic voyage is nearing its end. In awe we have explored new sensuous modes of learning in our Sisters Academy #2. In awkward pauses we have experimented with closeness even though we are at a distance in the telematic space. A new format. A new institution perhaps. Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing PSi #21/2015 will fluidly continue as we digest in Fluid States North and beyond. As we digest across long geographical distances in the Nordic region as we digest with our visitings – Tracing the Pathway (UK), Jan Suk (CZ) and Ivan Slacko (SL) – Unclouding the poetics, Peta Tait (AUS), Mia Makela (FI) and Birgitte Bauer & Isen smelter team (DK, GL, NO). Where our reflections on the telematic space and our voyage has brought us so far – A potpourri:

An exploration of a new format = pioneer space (The telematic space is an new genre or institution – A new institution that we have to find out how to use) // Regional = Exploring closeness even though you are at a distance in the North Atlantic Cluster = We are ar region who is very far a part and therefore we are exploring closeness // An embodied exploration of telematic presence = The research questions // Being physically present and the virtual space = where is the focus point and what do that do to the other // Presence in Greenland = Individual journeys into the landscape // Loneliness and solitude = Leave an empty space for other to fill it in //Technology should amplify presence = When does it do that and when does it disturb presence? // We are very aware of where the cameras are instead of just being. But maybe that awareness also have a quality to it? // The persona of Cara from the loft and how that persona can go to conferences // Framework within frameworks – Which framework should we focus mostly on = Being in Greenland, Fluid States North (and the telematic space) // Sisters Academy, Being together at a conference = Can they all co-excist? I believe they can but we need more time to unfold all layers = Now maybe we have surfed between them = And is that ok? To many frames at once? // Richness of layering
Unframing in the space = the space changes everyday = the unframing of Sisters Academy = In Greenland = how to embrace = Prepare to people to the overwhelmingness of all these layers = So it doesn’t become resistances or complaints // Trusting people on the other side that they will also embrace the awkwardness // How do you transcend the language and embody presence, sensuousness and the telematic = How do you articulate an idea through performance // The different sites in the room.
Patience = Sensuously slowing down.

With Gry Worre Hallberg, Diana Lindhardt, Nana Elisabeth Paja Senderovitz, Olav Harsløv, Peta Tait, Jan Suk, Ivan Slacko, Cara Davies, Ashleigh Griffith, Joe, Mia Makela, Birgitte Bauer & Isen smelter team (DK, GL, NO)

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Photos: diana lindhardt, The I of Sisters Academy.

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