“Sisters Academy is a school in a world and society where the sensuous and poetic mode of being is at the center of all action and interaction – A school for the exploration of sensuos learning in a Sensuous Society.”

The book has been realised in a collaboration between Sisters Hope, Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art and I DO ART.

The book includes:
More than 180 photographs from the Sisters Academy
manifestations, staff portraits and donated objects.
Preface by Nikolaj Friis Rasmussen (Den Frie).
Sensuous Society Manifesto.
Artistic statement by Gry Worre Hallberg (Sisters Hope).
Maps of Sisters Academy at Den Frie, 2017.
The Poetic Self Exercise.
Acceptance letters and student guidelines.
Staff and student notes.

Publication details:
Hardback, 170 x 240 mm,
160 pages, english text,
2. edition
ISBN: 978-87-996884-3-2
Published by Sisters Hope

Price: 250 DKK


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