Sharing from school class after visit to Sisters Academy #6 – The Boarding School

It was probably one of the most interesting days I’ve had in awhile. Although the Sisters Academy was very far out there and I still don’t fully grasp the idea I’m very interested in it. I am planning to take at least a 24 hour class to explore the idea more. I hope to grasp this new learning style a little better. Maybe some aspects of sensuous learning can influence my future career or personal life. Who knows! I just know that I’m keeping an open mind and love seeing and trying new things.
The visit to Sister’s Academy was very interesting. I really want to try and get a ticket to do the 24 hour immersion, and push myself to find a poetic self. I think it’s quite brilliant how Gry has developed this experience and curated the current gallery to provide an immersive experience. It’s all about “forgetting the outside” and finding what’s on our inside. Everyone is equal here–you wear the same suspenders and t-shirt, all brands have to be covered so there is no stark inequality markers.
Everything we did was incredibly interesting. The Sister’s Academy is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I found it really interesting to listen to someone have an entirely different perspective on things and clearly go against social norms. Although I don’t plan on attending, I will be very interested to hear from my classmates who do plan on it.
I greatly enjoyed the visit. I really admire how everyone was extremely passionate. The Sister Academy truly knows how to execute a project/vision. In all, the Sister Academy showed me a different perspective of thinking and learning; ultimately challenging societal customs.
I really enjoyed the visit. I found the concept of the “poetic self” to be very intriguing and am looking forward to being able to immerse myself in this experience. I loved Gry’s approach to education and how she went about creating this experience and how it really utilizes all of the human senses.
I enjoyed the visit immensely. Before visiting Sisters Academy, I was slightly confused about its’ purpose. The questions and answers session really helped learn more and along with seeing the manifestation of the school. I found this approach to learning intriguing and alluring. Each person finds their poetic self in a group setting of openness and sensual experience. I am excited to hear about my classmates experience on their journey with the Sisters’ Academy.
I really enjoyed the visit. Before going to Sisters Academy, I was quite skeptical and confused about its purpose. After having the opportunity to walk around and learn more about the “poetic self,” I gained a clearer understanding of the work they do. Of course I will not entirely understand the concept until I try it out for myself. I was most fascinated by the idea of sensual learning and understanding, especially in today’s age when everything is focused on rationality and thought. It’s so great to see how expansive the building was—that there are enough funds and interest in such a project! I’d be curious to see what Sisters Academy would be like in the US.
An experience few would ever get to have would be that of going to the Sisters Academy. Learning about this incredibly unique education opportunity took my thinking to other places. I really appreciate the idea of learning and research through the expression of creativity and various exercises. I enjoyed seeing this because it reminded me of some more extreme acting exercises I have heard of/ done before, while not for everyone it is obvious that this would be completely new and different and offer a new way of not only seeing the world but also yourself. It was an extremely versatile and interesting day. The Boarding School provided an experience like no other and I am glad I got the chance to see it in person. Although my views may differ from Gry and her educational approach, I appreciated getting the opportunity to hear her perspective.
I appreciated our visit to the Sister’s Academy. While I would not participate at Sisters Academy, I do find it to be a valuable space to find inner creativity. I am glad that they can find funding to keep holding these shows. I think that this is a good opportunity to take a break from the “new media.”
It was a very interesting and different day. I found the academy to be very intriguing. I definitely was very skeptical at first, but as I learned more, I thought it was very interesting. I think what is is interesting about it in relation to our class is how it promotes taking away technology and outside connections and looking truly within and slowing down. With technology, we often look beyond ourselves and feel that we need to be doing everything at a fast and more progressive pace.
Upon watching the video about Sister’s Academy prior to our visit, I was very skeptical and slightly confused about the purpose of the academy. However, after visiting the site and listening to Gry speak about sensuous learning, I was actually very intrigued and hope to attend the academy for 24 hours in the near future.
I thought the Sisters Academy was very interesting. It is such a unique way to be fully immersed in art. Everything about it was weird and confusing to me but I was very intrigued. One of the up coming events for my Arts Living and Learning Community is to experience the school for a few hours. I am very excited to actually see the production up and running!
The Sisters Academy was incredible interesting, and puzzling to me. The concept of an incubator-type environment is ideal for the type of teachings they are doing, but I personally could not see myself wanting to enroll for more than 24 hours, but understand that the longer the enrollment to better the process. The community is also interesting to me because it is made of poetic selves, not actual personalities, so I’m curious if the community would be different if students were not always in their poetic self.
Getting an inside look into sisters was particularly fascinating, especially getting to hear her take on the poetic self and the various activities created within the program to foster individual creativity. Although I personally would not opt into the experience, I thought it would be an eye opening visit, especially some of the “takeover” exhibits she spoke about.
Visiting Sisters Academy was very interesting. It was great to see an uncommon performance art environment. I loved hearing different perspective on self expression and the experience of finding the poetic self.
The visit to the Sister’s Academy was very informative and interesting. Watching the video about the Academy I did not know what to expect when we visited. The video was really intense and strange but actually visiting the installation and being able to talk to Gry and learn her thoughts behind the art was awesome. It was great to learn about the different elements of the installation and hear about how Gry is developing it. I found it especially interesting when she was talking about how each instalment of the boarding school has a different budget and so it is an expandable piece that can fit in any space.
The Sister’s Academy is easily one of the most unique art installations I have ever seen; the idea of focusing on sensuous, instead of rational, learning is something I have never considered, but fully support the exploration of. I was also intrigued by the concept discovering one’s “Poetic Self,” and am curious about what that process specifically entails. Overall, the Academy employs innovation and creativity that is important to our new more digitized world.