Sensuous Governing – currently unfolding

We are currently presenting Sensuous Governing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – along with more than 3500 other shows. We are grateful for the positive feedback so far. In the review from BroadwayBaby it is stated that “If Sisters Hope was running for world government I’d vote for them tomorrow”. Also The Scotsman says in their review: Utterly immersive and surprisingly touching, this performance by Danish company Sisters Hope is a masterclass in reality-bending theatre”

Also. We are thankful to the incredible audience-participants who embarks on the poetic intervention and leave behind words as “it was beautiful and full of kindness“, “it will always live on with me” and “you are angels”.

Vikram Lyengar from the Pickle Factory in Calcutta did this beautiful write-up:
“Usually, I find pieces like Sensuous Governing difficult. More often than not I have found them sentimentally touchy-feely at best and self-indulgent, patronising and self-congratulatory at worst. Not this one. There is a surprising and deeply believed quality of care, concern and kindness that imbues the whole performance and the whole space – a quality that imperceptibly then infects audience members in how they behave with each other. I felt seen and held, felt the presence of others also possibly feeling the same, and felt no discomfort or awkwardness even when I had no idea what was expected of me. The space and atmosphere allowed me to just BE – and that itself is so very rare nowadays. I left rejuvenated – but with a new sense of centre and a fresh sense of time and space. I know the latter intimately as a dancer myself, but to be able to create that in and for those who do not have the benefit of a somatic training or practice is truly extraordinary. So thank you for offering it to all of us. It is a beautiful gift of quietness, serenity and empathy in the madness of our current lives and world. And if art cannot offer that, we may as well pack our bags and retire!”

Sensuous Governing runs through August 20 at the Danish Consulate in Edinburgh and tickets can be acquired here.