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every morning is a ritual.
every moment is a ritual.
we get lost in the “moment” but then we lose our moments.
they vanish into old memories of myself.
my memories, memoirs.
i write my moments down,
i write myself down.
i turn myself into words on paper.
i am a walking ritual of remembrance.
every morning, the same ceiling.
every morning, the same feeling.
in and out, breathing.
every morning.
the first conscious breath of the day.

i will miss the atmosphere. the music that was played on repeat in the halls was so soothing that i wish i had it to listen to while i sleep. the whole experience was a world that i never want to leave, i want to float along with everything, watch, be inspired.
it was incredible how connected the sisters academy made me feel. without the distraction of my phone or laptop i spent all of the in-between moments drawing, looking into somebody’s eyes, touching, watching. feeling.
no matter where you turned everything was curiosity and kindness.

anna kristín shumeeva

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