Inhabitation is a new performance by Sisters Hope in which we invite everyone interested to move in and inhabit the Sensuous Society with us in our new home – Sisters Hope Home – in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Tickets have just been released!

The participants, who will be named inhabitants, are invited to take part in a series of deep journeys exploring the poetic layers of our being and being together while inhabiting the art piece. During the stay the inhabitants will cook, eat, sleep and live close together with us in a potential future world – Sensuous Society – where everything is based on the principles of the sensuous and poetic. Out of our current ecological, economic and biological crises, a new society has emerged, a fundamental paradigm shift, which the performance has as its starting point. Through rituals, performative exercises and domestic life in Sisters Hope Home the inhabitants will investigate new ways of inhabiting the sensuous and poetic together with the Sisters staff. The performance is rooted in our current artistic research on how inhabitation of the sensuous and poetic evokes a lived experience and an understanding of the ecologic connectedness of everything.

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