Humanities Unplugged

Sisters Hope participated at HUMANITIES UN-PLUGGED, InterArt, Freie Universität, Berlin, November 2010


At HUMANITIES UN-PLUGGED we constructed an alternative frame to aspire and inspire to debate and discussions whit the outset in the activation of the aesthetic dimension. Through the use of fictional strategies we experimented with new ways of learning, knowledge production, and reflection. Thereby we wished, not only to (re)present and communicate the humanities in new ways, but also to create a frame within which we can experiment with the absorption and production of knowledge in new manners than the current.

In continuation of this aim, we investigated and discussed questions such as:

How can we ‘enliven’ the humanities as an academic discipline through art-installatoric work? How can we work with aesthetic learning in an art-installatoric context? How can we lecture and teach as fictive characters? What (power) position are we placed/placing ourselves in while communicating as/through ‘The Sisters’? And what ethical questions do that raise?

The sisters enjoying the fresh breeze of the Northern beaches. Photo Julie Johansen