Enter through the air

and so
enter into a strain of elderflowers
crystals dropping from above
blossoming off the minds and
fingertips behind the gate
a love
blossoming off fingertips

familiar eyes once discovered
a resting earth
waiting for a moment to strike

the sun sets into a night
a gentle fever never-ending
spirits arise

hungry for more
biting into less

lest we forget
to sneeze infinitely
all that we carry
and let it grow

a fungi
a myriad followed by a myriad

a body enters body
enters the air and let’s it slide

enter the air to let it slide

in the window sills there are mountains
digging their hooves into the horizon

we speak in languages of movement
slow and swift climbing

within the C-section of a crystal ball
in parts

and the gate opens
digging into the mazes
underneath the skin
I remember your print

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