Emerging inhabitant

I’m getting ready to dive into the blue again. Emerging as an inhabitant in Sisters Hope Home.

Who will I become as an inhabitant?

I am shivering. I am nervous. Excited. Calm. Cool. Not worried. Panicking. Emotional.

I want to be full of hope.

I want to be a superstar. I want to inspire you. To be someone. Perfect. Exactly like you are.

But I am just arriving in my humble body of mine.

I am just arriving. Empty handed. Out of words. Out of luck.

With only a cell phone in my pocket full of everything I believe and worship and belong to. And I bet you will ask me to turn it off. To let it go… And then I will do so.

Then who will I become? Emerging as an inhabitant without a cell phone.

I want to feel the hope. I want to experience the intensity of the home. The mystery inside each person. The sacred understanding. I want to stand next to you and slowly nod my head like you and agree with what you just said…

Last time I was visiting I felt a world of good hearts and searching spirits. Wondering. Mysterious. How could I ever understand this world of strange wonders?

Last time I was visiting I found a home. Some hearts must spend their entire life searching for a home. Maybe for love. Maybe for forgiveness, or maybe for a space to fit in. Something to be a part of.

This is me. I will soon be arriving again. Then who will I become?

I will breath. I will breath again a moment later. I know that from lifelong experience.

I will try to understand you, but you are always a mystery to me. But then again – my heart will slowly take over and the worries will disappear. I will still be fearful and sensible, but I put my trust in my sensitivity and intuition. My heart will take over and I will be able to just be in that moment.

I will breath, and make every breath count.

And then who will I become?

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