champagne or cat pee

during my inhabitation the home is framed by elder and its delicious white flower foam. elder, the old safeguard to home and land that used to protect humans and cattle from harm. the one that marks the boundaries of the safe inner place and the outside world. the tree one used to bow to and lift the hat in respect when passing by. some used to build baby cradles out of elder wood for its protective reasons, others thought that cutting down an elder tree got you into big trouble.
elder is a tree of transitions, a boundary tree; she guards the boundaries between life and death, between sickness and health, between this world and the otherworld.
can you smell the flowers’ magnificent scent? to some, it smells like cat pee after a while, and for some it turns into bubbly champagne. like any transition point, this can be a dangerous road to travel, but can also lead to rich rewards.

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