ready but disconnected, decomposedsoil is called compostliving organisms recomposed, allowing to grow anew

dinner with a stranger

sitting down to dinner we removed our skin and dared to look into the silence passed the illusion of flesh. a shining spirit clings to a skeleton their teeth chattering afraid of the dark / afraid of the light there is a distant piano chord and the teeth, ivory keys now, disperse and travel in sea-shell patterns into the pit. into the pulse. we hung our faces on the washing…


decantation. the natural phenomenon of separating different elements over time and gravity. no tools. time. we are given time. more than ever, more than we are used to, more than we think we need. we just stand there, we just stay, we only are. we are kindly brought to stillness. and so, we allow space for gravity to reach us. gravity. gravity is constantly there pulling everything to the center,…

On the hour

On the hour that inhabitation infinity came to an end, my time device stopped working. I will not archive it. I will not repair it. I will keep it and wear it around my ankle as a reminder of what I experinced and learned doing the magical time in the home: That time is fluid, and that any time framework is contructed by us. We can alter the meaning of…

A trip to Home

I came Home I actually came Home I knew that I would, but not when I would And suddenly, I was there I felt the calm tranquility and joy rush over me when I turned down the path that seemed to shine familiar Saw My Face lighten up when I approached the gate And smiled with joy and relief Because I felt it all in an instant I felt how…

The Whale (Exist)

is sensuous inhabitation doing the things we would normally do, just infinity times slower? upon existing, over the fence, I saw two girls wearing your colourswondering if they could sense the delicate veil of spring flowers on the lawn beneath themor if later, their hands would linger together on a long silent goodbye as I child, I wanted the ocean people to carry me away, I wrote it all over…

besides myself

In Sisters Hope Home, I was inside a nervous system larger than me, inside another living organism. The walls were alive, embracing me. We, our bodies, were part of the circuits and metabolism of the Home. How I miss it, having returned to the illusion of being an individual, leading our separate lives.

New dreams and sensations in my life

Feeling challenged to unravel and leave behind my everyday life for a while. Feeling excited and grateful to go to sisters hope home. Quite certain that this journey will open new dreams and sensations in my life.

Today I enter

Today I enter Sisters Hope Home again. I repeat some familiar steps and at the same time, I observe what is different. I welcome the parts of this experience, which feel like a first time. Last time I came in… calmed… claimed… created…. Mostly in my own company. This time I expect a more tangible sense of community. I look forward to exploring how my being and yours meet in…


how do you open those gates? in your eyes in your chest all of you in inhabitance you stay with me when just existing on my own in my own silence covering the rocks of time the children of you the wonders you invite showers of a heart a hand awareness beneath my skin these gates of ours be my home