Biennale Archipelago Mediterraneo – Poetic Landscapes Processes

During September 2022 Sisters Hope worked with a selected group of emerging artists and researchers from across the EU in the Crypt of Chiesa dei Santi Euno e Guiliano. The training explored and unfolded poetic and sensuous landscapes within and in the city of Palermo. The outset is Sisters Hope’s own unique performance method –  The Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning. This method is rooted in the exploration of what Sisters Hope terms ‘The Poetic Self’. 

The traces of this process are now accessible to the public who are invited to explore a landscape dedicated to the sensuous and poetic parts of our being in the crypt. Every full hour a Poetic Self Exercise will start. When the exercise has ended, participants will write their reflections on the available paper, and then donate it in the glass box in the room. All the reflections will be collected and donated to The Archive at Sisters Hope Home located in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark.