Article on Sisters Hope’s manifestation at Den Frie is out

In 2017, or Infinity Stone Air Earth, we transformed Den Frie Udstillingsbygninginto a sensuous Boarding School – Sisters Academy -The School of Sensuous Society. As an ‘audience-participant’ you had to stay for at least 24 hours and sleep in the school dormitory installed in one of the gallery rooms and do Sensuous Learning classes. We have had many testimonials on the deep impact of our work – also in this manifestation as it is witnessed in this article and in our precious Sisters Archive. And it is truly amazing to see how we have now impacted a whole new investigation focus on the great potential in the intersection of visual and live performance art at Den Frie. We are grateful to have worked with an art institution that listens so loud and transform obvious possibilities into action and not at least to Bikubenfonden to support progressive and impactful initiatives as these.

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