What is the relationship between space and behavior? How does space guide our behavior? These – among others – are the questions that The Gaze tries to understand. The Gaze observes and studies people, makes notes and tries to draw conclusions. During Sisters Academy in Malmö, The Gaze will use his time to research these questions inside the academy. He will investigate how to research these questions in artistic ways….


In the misty fogs of your time, the vacuum- ocean, exhales. And in slow motion, unveils one of it’s many secrets: The Island. The Island. The Island stops and flows Light comes and goes This is the island of Dust and Mirrors. moved by your touch and of it’s quiver Island stop and flows Light comes and goes But be aware of the Islands mystics it’s heart is mirror facing…


The Geneva Project is an ongoing multi-disciplinary sensory experience where both the performer and the spectator are immersed in an environment that may be considered a dream space, a conjuring of worlds past, present and future, where time shifts in an instant, where light and dark operate simultaneously revealing the beauty and trauma of everyday life. Geneva is a conduit. Geneva brings to light that, which was once hidden.


I find a freedom in being But to meet a human, that’s something else I’m nothing more then my surroundings and I play. unforeseen. unselectively. in light. When a sadness swallows me I cry out stilled on a stone all the losts, and nevers, and never agains Till birds and seas trip me back in the play of just being Now, in stead of seducing human eyes I’ll try to…


The Alien is of the fabric of sound and imagination. Emotion moves him through space. His function is unknown to himself, but gravitation and sensation guides him. He travels towards the original big bang of music and words to explore this planet. The Alien is drawn to color, heat and the future.


The Green Light is a life affirming personality that can suddenly turn red. That’s how she is reminded of the importance to respect her own and other’s limits. The Listener listens to her own needs and feelings, at the same time as she is silently attentive and curious about all the beings around her. Together we will meet you in class to explore physical communication, deep play and the art…


I am aware and I see. I teach the art of filmproduction. I enter as the Catalyst. I catalyze the awareness of the essentials and the aestetics.


  The Voice of Gas is moving in a multiple universe. Transcending with stillness in her heart close to earth, giving voice to honesty. The truth is vibrating… Like an animal resonating with water and air, dreaming in a large scale, predicting and watching it all come toghether. The truth is vibrating… starting it all over again, dancing, singing, making love to the creation. Slowly accepting, slowly turning, slowly shifting….


The time before my stay as a Visiting Researcher stretches vastly before me, millions of sensory experiences and inputs and outputs lie between here and then. I am in my office now, in front of my screen, writing a methods chapter for an article on ideologies of futures, sorting out ideas and concepts, finding references, revising another article, moving forward though I am of course sitting very still as academics tend to do, writing…


The IGNORANT CHOREOGRAPHER – about group dances i dream about and DANCE EMANCIPATION Recently, a friend told me about amusician who writes each instrument separately, as in not in relation to the voices of the other instruments. The person does not know or care about controlling what it will sound like when put together, in relation. Instead of predicting, this person goes with one thing at a time and lets…