By day and night we will

We almost forgot the moon at times
but it did appear
it was there

remembering ourselves
what happens with a love like that

it lights the whole sky


Remembering the moment of a small egg
falling through a bigger circle
the scent of transformation
multiple arms, legs, heads
into air

The look of eyes
yearning for more
searching for less

Making baths in tubes
I saved you a crescent moon
being met in a small room
feel you sleep
before asleep

Infinity going into union
voicing words together

remembering a golden voice form the past
and feel it grow
the touch from a known body
being open to know

fermented fruits
laugher under the moon
do you want to go with me?

leaning into the walls
pushing walls
creating last moments
keep dreaming

opening spaces
a space
into space

this place