Sing, dance, Resist- Renew

So many layers of reality co-exist in this world

We have met, even if we haven’t been able to touch each other bodies.

We have been whispering and screaming at each other ears, even without feeling the warmth of our breath.

We have had taken a look into a secret of each one heart, through the eyes, through the words, the silence, remembering the smell of the fire flames, the sand under the feet and the moss in between the fingers.

We made it happen.

And now time to reflect.

Into the inner world

Allow yourself to use this time to carry out your vision quest rituals.

What wor(l)d do you want to build for yourself?

For now, this is what you can do: serenity in the storm.

Establish a routine for meeting the sacred every day.

Good things come out: what comes out of you now is the most important.

And sing,



through art,



and love.

Resist -Renew