Sensuous Society – Beyond Economic Rationality

Sisters Hope have launched a strategic collaboration with The Danish Cultural Institute under the title Sensuous Society – Beyond Economic Rationality. The ambition is to take the Sisters Hope and the project internationally and thereby unfold and explore our performance method and the concept of Sensuous Learning in a variety of different cultures. The project is also an exploration and investigation of common experiences and the change of attitudes after the pandemic around the world and not at least the planting of seeds for potential new and more sustainable approaches to life in a time where the ground is fertile.

The Danish Cultural Institute states about the collaboration:
“The project contributes to the purpose and strategic aims of the Danish Cultural Institute. The project is in line with the Danish Cultural Institute’s original motto, which states that cultures can learn from each other and find each other in art, culture and science. At the same time, Sister Hope’s ability to combine artistic ambition with investigative practice in new unseen formats is in line with the Danish Cultural Institute’s new strategy, which seeks to create culture ‘on the edge’, where activism, civic engagement and strong artistic formats create spaces for shared values across borders and new inspirations.”

The collaboration has currently manifested itself in the two ongoing international projects Sisters Sensing (the World) and Sisters Academy – Russia.

Sisters Sensing (the World)

Sisters Sensing (the World) will unfold as a series of performative walks across seven countries in Europe, Asia, and South America in countries with a local Danish Institute present. The project is intended as a long-term strategic development cooperation. The plan is to start in Russia and then move on to China. Afterwards we will move on to the other Danish cultural institutes in the Baltic Countries, in Ukraine, India and Brazil.

With the project, we want to investigate the significance of different cultural contexts for the sensuous experience in the wake of the corona pandemic. At each location the project will be manifested as a 12-hour walk, exploring the city and the impact of the pandemic on it. Every hour, a performative act is performed by Sisters Hopes performers, a ritual with an intention to plant seeds for a more sustainable future and to manifest regeneration. These rituals will be live streamed to a global public being able to experience and follow the project online.


Article: Dansk Kulturinstitut og Sisters Hope vil vise verden en anden vej ind i fremtiden: “Vi lægger ud med at overtage en russisk skole” Kulturmonitor 19/5 2020
Article: Danske kunstsøstre overtager russisk folkeskole Politiken 15/5 2020