Sisters Academy, Greenland

Sisters Academy, Greenland Sisters Academy as part of PSi #19 Sisters Hope has been invited to manifest a Sisters Academy in Nuuk, Greenland, as part of  The North Atlantic Cluster at PSi #19 When Sisters Academy manifests in Greenland it will be as a part of Fluid States North within the overall framework of PSi #19 – Performances of UnKnowing: Performances of UnKnowing, a decentralized conference which – instead of inviting…

Sisters Hope at Roskilde festival 2014

Sisters Hope (DK) is one of the four international performance groups exploring and activating the initimate and sensuous in the so-called Performance Sense Laboratory at this year’s Roskilde festival. More pictures: Performance Sense Laboratory – Roskilde Festival 2014, day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4. Photos by Diana Lindhardt.   Performance Sense Laboratory The performance-program of Roskilde Festival 2014 focuses on how to activate the sensuous through different, yet related, performance-artistic approaches which…

Sisters Hope and Campingkvinderne at ESOF – Science in the city festival

I de enestående Campingkvinder, som Aalborg Universitet introducerer som oplevelsesrum og katalysator for en ny form for kunst-baseret erkendelse i Carlsberg Byen, for de forventede op til 50.000 deltagere på EuroScience (ESOF) 2014’s seks dages videnskabsfestival Science in the City, vil der være mulighed for at møde søstrene fra Sisters Hope. I et samarbejde mellem Aalborg Universitet, herunder forskere fra reCreate og CAF som forsker i mulighederne omkring kunst-baserede multimodale…

Sisters at Inkonst – First drop

Sisters Academy – the School of a Sensuous society: Performance drop #01, an evening with performance lecture, dinner and feast. Inkonst will  be the venue on which Sisters Hope reflect on the work and process of Sisters Academy. Sisters Hope will visit Inkonst three times before the grand finale and at this first ”sensuous drop” will performatively reflect on the first Sisters Academy which will manifest at a school in…

Sisters Academy

Rooted in an art-based research process we are currently working on creating the new educational system – The school of the new paradigm.

Sisters Hope – The Reds Are Everywhere

This workshop took place at the high school Aurehøj Gymnasium, Gentofte, as part of an AT-course on the 60es in Danish, English and Music, September 2010 Photos: One of the participants: Clara Frederikke Reeh

Sisters Hope – In Memory of Rose

This workshop took place at the high school FLOW, HF, Odense, as part of a music and drama course, December 2009 Participants getting ready to dive in to the fiction. Participant upholding her appearance within the fictional universe

Sisters Hope – Trust

This workshop took place at the university, University of Copenhagen, January 2007 At this workshop we were in an auditorium and in the fiction the participants met the sisters right after the war as the sisters had just founded Sisters Hope. In this workshop, which also functioned as our drama pedagogical examination at the University of Copenhagen, the participants consisted of a colorful mix of different nationalities, who furthermore had…

Sisters Hope – Starlight Hotel

This workshop took place at the folk high school Herning Højskole, Herning, November 2006 The participants of this fiction was the participants of the drama course at Herning Højskole. The fiction said that the sisters had taken over a bombed hotel during the war between The Whites and The Reds. The condition of the hotel is fragile and poor due to times of war. The people working there stay inside….

Example of program

First day 8.30 – 9.15: Presentation: “Who are we and what is a fictional parallel universe?” 9.30 – 11.45: Presentation: The fictional frame, including a ‘baptism’ where the participants get their character’s name, a function and a armband with their fictional name on it. 11.45 – 12.30: Lunch 12.30 – 15.00: Character work: 1. Short presentation and introduction of the visual style concept 2. Dream travel 3. Questions for the…