floating capsul home membrane

dissolving evolvingThe doors of perception infinite steps I have three homesIn a dynamic life circet The homes inside, with a garden and a view. The home inside. The homes inside.OutsideInsideOutside Going homeWith gratitude We Inhabit Mountains

Before Visiting

I am visiting Sisters Hope Home with two goals in mind and heart. Firstly, I want to remove myself from the physical, mental and social environment that is my everyday life, and enter a parallel space where I can shed unwanted modes of being in world. Specific goals in this regard is to learn how to fight the incessant need for distractions, instead being poetically present with myself and my…

insides outsides

outside inside Hz Hz Hz 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, …__drums and sticks and stones and bones

Thoughts before

I am unsure of what to expect but feel excited and curious about the stay.I feel unprepared, thinking that the stay could both give me material and wake something inside me. My state of mind is affected by the darkness outside. It makes me low on energy. I wonder how I will feel while living in Sisters Home. The gentle pace might help me, but the small rooms with dimmed…


Time went by so fast, tomorrow sisters academy starts for me. My body feels ready, my mind is not sure yet. I don’t have any expectations really and am open for everything. Exited and a bit nervous at the same time. Dont know exactly what is to come, but I have a feeling it is going to be special.


Time, I feel it all around me, since i’m constantly running late and going nowhere. I feel the tight grip around my neck and hands, as i’m chained to the time, every minut every second. This will be my search for a break. This will be my attempt to stop the time and let the world pass by.

Before entering

I feel a bit numb. I’ve been sleeping too little and it makes me feel like a zombie. My brain is working in slowmotion and my mind doesn’t focus on one thought but floats around instead. I’m on a full train my body is closed and focused on itself. I’m making sure not to look at anyone or create contact. If I could I’d like to be alone in silence….


5: Home again.  At our Home in Belgium.  I left Sisters Hope Home last week but I make no distinction between these homes when the quality of life that I long for is concerned. The structure of the day is different, there’s another set of choices concerning colours, sound, ways of interaction and all that. For one: internet is here. And, also important to me: the wide range of communication…

Searchers Need Not Search in Solitude

The Searcher came in search To find messages from a multitude of hearts White rose I picked up from the pavement  During my first departure  Air rose dipped in the red ink Changing color Making rhythms in a dark room I painted  Your face with a clean brush Why are you here? Searchers need not search in solitude The Searcher found a home of belonging A place where we are…

Forever your Nature

I found the vessel of time, broken at lastsand pouring out and filling meinfinity hours, seems like airair second containing infinitya treasure inside, mother of pearl shimmering in candle light just do what thou wilt, never doubtingthe choices made have given answersmy true will makes me gravitatetowards connection, pain and beauty holding on to what is and what is not blinded, open my eyes.. again.. and again.. find you there,…