Author: Visiting teacher/researcher/artist, Sisters Academy #6 - The Boarding School, Den Frie, København, Denmark


I saw myself moving – blind I saw myself still – blind I saw myself as rooted earth – stone I saw myself as debris – shit I saw myself pushed through space – water I saw myself shaped by water – blind I saw myself as a sphere – stone I saw myself as dung – shit I saw above me nothing I saw above me nothing I saw…


3 Objects 3 Instruments 3 Tools 3 Trees 3 Movements 3 Moments 3 Mountains 5 Bottles 4 Containers 3 Eyes 2 Fingers 1 Tongue Water Heat Words How to dissolve a mountain?        


Now the curtain will soon rise and we will enter Sisters Academy, which will be replacing Nova Academy for two weeks. It feels very exciting at the same time as I feel a bit nervous.. What will happen, how will the students react, will I find a way to include my poetic self, will I find ways to teach in a more sensous way, will The New Staff be included in…