Author: Student, Sisters Academy #3, The Boarding School, Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden


Dear Creature, i went into the boarding school and i came out as the forest. there is an echo still lingering in me, an echo of the poetry we created, the poetry that is still created in the enclosed space of the sister’s academy. something woke up and something fell asleep. the birds were singing and the crickets playing, and time stood still and went really fast and jumped between…


Like another world, like my world or my lost family that I have misted so mutch… my body opens op and my soul become clear and strong. Like finding back to myself after all those years…. Thank´s for creating this space where this kind of meetings is possibel.. I miss you alot and looking forward to see you soon again… Best . Her spirit

Confession at Sisters Office

Sisters office confession booth day 3